Revival Sermon Series – May 17 – 20

4-Day Revival at Tranquility SDA Church, May 17 – 20 with guest speaker Dr. Fred Bischoff, who will be presenting “Christ Our Righteousness” along with the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Dr. Bischoff is the Director of the Adventist Pioneer Library, a part of Light Bearers Ministry, which has a business partnership with the Ellen G. White Estate since 2005, producing a digital collection of early Adventist writings.

We invite you to join us on a solemn, inspiring, exciting, informative, and interactive journey! Please see below for links to recordings of the presentations.

Please use this link for a comprehensive syllabus covering 80 years of SDA History.

The Two Principles – Does Righteousness Have an End? Recording Presentation

“In Jesus I Found a Friend” – Building on The Rock. Recording Presentation

Righteousness Outside the Door – Early Opportunities Lost. Recording Presentation

Righteousness Intently Practical – Facing the Best and The Worst. Recording Presentation
Righteousness Counterfeited – Foundations Shaken. Recording Presentation

Righteousness in Remission – Damage Control. Recording Presentation
Righteousness Simplified – Everything Swallowed up. Recording Presentation

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