Christmas Offering – Update

For our Christmas Offering on December 23 we have received a total of $1,209. The donations will go towards a local church in Puerto Rico. Rosa Serrano will be so kind to take these funds back to PR and work with the local pastors to ensure they are used to support our brothers and sisters in need there.

Thank you for your generosity and above all thanks be to God for letting us share our blessings!

Container for Tanzania – Mission Project

Tranquility Church will help sending a container to Tanzania. You can contribute to the cost of filling and shipping the container by marking you donation as “Local Mission”.

You can also help filling the container. Items we are looking for include:

  • learning materials for schools
  • mattresses for dormitories
  • bed linens
  • bicycles for lay workers
  • medical equipment (e.g. wheelchairs)
  • exercise equipment
  • musical instruments (e.g. piano, brass instruments)
  • kitchen utensils
  • toys for pre-schoolers
  • tool boxes